UK Students

Medicine and dentistry are two of the most competitive courses to gain admission in the UK, despite there currently being a shortage of doctors. Due to this competition, students often feel compelled to sign up to expensive courses offering generic advice. Hence, our mission is to provide the highest quality help to those who need it, and we are working with a charity to deliver that locally to schools at an affordable price. 


Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science are some of the most rewarding career options, yet they are also the most competitive and sought-after courses to study at university. Gaining admission for these courses entails an arduous and difficult application process consisting of several different stages – 1. Writing a personal statement; 2. Admissions tests (UCAT and BMAT) and 3. Interviews. Most private and few state schools are able offer some help to their students, but many have to rely on expensive training out of school to have any chance of qualifying and clearing the required exams. 

In the UK, most (state) schools are not able to offer any assistance to their students applying for these courses, which seriously limits the opportunity for very able students from underprivileged backgrounds in entering the medical field. This is not only unfair but a huge loss for the country. As medicine and dentistry become increasingly competitive each year, I fear that this trend will continue. This will further increase the gap between students in state and private education, making it even more difficult for these students to study one of the most respected courses at university – a problem we are passionate to resolve. 

To address this problem, we have developed high quality and very specific teaching resources to train students under the banner of In2UK University Admissions. We have developed a ‘Personal Statement’ training program providing students with a step-by-step process to develop a high-quality personal statement ensuring they have a fair chance of gaining admission into universities and avoid being extorted by highly commercialized companies offering last minute help at astronomical price. 

We are working with the Hemraj Goyal Foundation providing this training at highly subsidized prices for students.

Why we focus on the Personal Statement

Writing a Personal Statement is by far one of the most complex yet important parts of the application process. Students have to demonstrate a set list of qualities required to be a doctor, provide evidence of work experience, volunteering, academic enrichment – and then above all provide that unique dimension which separates themselves from the competition. When writing my own personal statement, I was overwhelmed by the vast amount of information online – however most of this was non-specific, ambiguous and even contradictory. This has been echoed by several of my colleagues who found themselves trawling through sites such as for largely unhelpful, confusing advice.